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Sustainablility in installations

Standard we apply only environmentally friendly materials to my cable systems and in the control panels. For our part, PVC is passé!

Reliability in Healthcare

Healthcare is important for our society; in the world of academic centers, hospitals and care we play our responsible role with our specific knowledge and experience in the field of control technology.

Infra / Tunnel technology

Nunu is a specialist in designing control systems for tunnels for train, subway and car. Knowledge of the specific safety requirements and test methods make us an attractive partner for these projects.


Innovations are taking place worldwide in horticulture. Nunu BV is your partner in the development of control solutions for indoor farming. In recent years we have realized projects in the USA, South Africa and Europe according to this new cultivation concept.


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Due to a defect in one of the two pumps of Europe's largest pumping station, van der Kamp supplied a temporary pump installation of no fewer than 34 pumps. nunu has designed and produced frequency inverter units for this purpose.

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VUmc Amsterdam

Commissioned by the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam, Honeywell and Nunu have renovated a large number of control installations in the so-called GEMS project, which runs from September 2016 to the end of 2018. In total, approximately 70 control systems has been replaced at the end of the project.


Our specialists are working in the dynamic world of automation technology. We invent and build control technical solutions for optimal control of technical installations. Here we adapt as an organization constantly on the developments taking place in the market in terms of innovations, practices, changing requirements relating to legislation, et cetera. Our knowledge we develop makes us an interesting sparring partner for our customers.


In recent years we gained a lot of experience with the sustainable design of installations. Nunu has realized projects which meet the BREEAM assessment method. This method is a standard to determine the sustainability performance of buildings.


Our experience in the field of control engineering and mechanical and electrical process knowledge, helps us advising our clients in improving control systems, efficient energy management and quality improvement.


The installation that we build at home and abroad are generally remotely controlled via Internet connections. For various parties, we maintain the communication infrastructure made up of secure connections (VPN, Azure).


A trend among OEM companies is that panel construction is outsourced to our organsiation, so they can operate more flexible en efficiently. We can deliver the whole package with regard to panel construction, supply of components and field equipment, electrical installation, commissioning and testing.
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We pay much attention to the improvement of our products and the way we make our products. This knowledge is also worthful for our own customers. We help them improving their own productdesigns. Examples are the development of a grass monitor system for stadiums, or the development a modular power supply distribution system for assimilation lighting.
We would like to take on more of these challenges because we see that we can come to some surprising solutions together with our customers.


80% of all buildings consume unnecessary energy. Often it is possible to reduce energy consumption with relatively simple measures. By performing an energy scan, we can help give you insight into the energy consumption of your installations and the possible improvements of the installation performance. In a number of projects we have demonstrated that with good energy monitoring and attention to the programmed control strategy, energy savings are possible up to 40%.
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